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Getting Prepare

Many people have asked how they can prepare for the coming events or build a community with limited resources. The reality is there are only two ways to accomplish anything in our physical world, the first being time and the second being resources.  With enough time, very little resources are needed and with enough resources, very little time is needed.  Most people are trying to balance their lives and plans between the two.

If someone has enough time, they can learn the necessary skills, move to a remote (possibly free) location, start building their shelter or community, grow crops, and stock up on food, water and other resources taking as much time as needed.  This is exactly how ancient cultures started, grew, and went from a single farm to a town, and then on to a city.  If someone has enough money, they can hire others to do most of these activities for them and only need to focus on learning the necessary skills to live in community.  The main challenge at this moment in history is the time to prepare is running out.

It would be ideal if we all had the time to prepare the old fashioned way that didn't require any money, but this method can be very challenging in these economic times.  Most people still do not understand or believe what is coming for Earth and mankind, but even fewer have taken the actions that are necessary to prepare.  This has created a preparation nightmare for most people as they have no plan, not enough skills or resources to implement a plan, and little understanding of what it will actually take to go through the coming events in peace and without suffering.

Even if no cosmic or geophysical events occur in the near future, the world is going to experience a series of socioeconomic events including a global financial collapse and global famine to an extreme never before experienced in human history.  These two events alone are going to change everyone’s lives forever as we can no longer continue our patterns of unchecked population growth, over consumption, and an economic model that is based on debt.  If you add even one more potential natural or man-made event, then the lives of our children and generations to come are also going to change forever.

Whether you choose the path of survival or sustainability, the process of getting from here to there is not as simple as many people might think.  Since sustainability is essential for long-term survival, this message will only address the process of becoming sustainable.

If you read through the Project TriStar website, you will realize the challenges in becoming sustainable, in creating community, and especially in creating a self-sustainable off-the-grid community.  These challenges are exactly why most every culture or civilization in history has failed at their attempts to create a long-term self-sustainable existence.  The greed, stupidity, and arrogance of man became their undoing.

The intent of the Project TriStar website is to provide information that is mostly underestimated and necessary to give people the greatest chance of success in creating a self-sustainable environment.  If people act soon enough and have extensive sustainable experience, they could just use the information about creating sustainability and head into nature.  Depending on when you are reading this paragraph, this may no longer be an option as it can take years and even decades to become truly self-sustainable in an off-the-grid existence with little or no financial resources.

If you are familiar with any of the other sustainable, preparation, or bunker-style designs out there, then you may already know they generally charge $50,000 per adult and $25,000 per child to join.  Using a more practical approach, the Project TriStar design can reduce these costs significantly depending on the number of community members and the services provided.  We feel pleased that we have been able to provide such a solution at this most critical time, but also realize there are many people with no means to participate financially in their preparation plans.

There are many ways to save on community development costs and resources.  One might be to construct your facility above ground rather than below ground.  This could save as much as 30% or more from the total cost and reduce development time significantly.  Another might be to reduce or eliminate the purchase and storage of reconstruction materials and other none essentials.  Another might be to build out some of the features on your own rather than having them prefabricated and although this option requires skills, many people often have these skills or know someone who does.

The Project TriStar structural design is just one possible template for construction and with the added components of preparing for the Possible Earth Events, being completely off-the-grid, and self-sustainable.  Any changes to this plan depends as much on your belief in what self-sustainability means and your financial resources as they do on your belief of what natural or man-made events might transpire.  The reality is that there are infinite options and possibilities to preparation, but it all starts with taking action.

There are only two ways to manifest anything in a person’s life, either by yourself or together with other people.  Unfortunately, most people have not yet gained the skills that would enable them to provide everything they need or desire in life, completely on their own.  These skills often take lifetimes of growth and education, as well as a dedication to seeking knowledge and acting on that knowledge.  Those who have put in this effort have been able to gain the knowledge or resources to wake up soon enough, take action soon enough, and come together with others who provide some of the resources they do not have on their own.

For those who have not yet gained this knowledge on their own, there is still time and opportunity, but it will not happen if people are convinced they do not have the time or resources to succeed.  The first step is realizing that anything and everything is possible.  The second step is to get in the game of life and start taking action.  The third step is to find others who are like-minded and interested in planning and creating a sustainability.  Remember, getting together with other people is the only way to achieve something that you have been unable to achieve on your own.

Many people are struggling financially in these times, and many more have struggled their entire lives or for generations.  The reality is that we can all stop struggling by learning how to take action more consciously.  This doesn't mean that someone needs to retreat into solitude in order to learn something new.  There may not be enough time to master every skill on a personal level in this lifetime.  What it does mean is to start taking action and responsibility for seeking and finding other like-minded people.

Until like-minded people come together, they will not realize what each individual offers to the whole.  In other words, one person may be a farmer; another a builder; another a medical practitioner; and yet another someone with finances who wishes to help others.  These are just minor examples of the possibilities that can be achieved in a group.  To think this is not possible is both self defeating and self destructive.  To believe this is possible is exactly what most people will need in order to make their dreams of sustainability into a reality.

How do you find like-minded people?  You search, research, network, and stop being afraid to openly express your feelings about the coming events or about the desire to prepare.  Many people have been protecting themselves in fear of judgment at the exact time they need to be expressing themselves to the people around them.  It all starts with meeting one other person with a similar idea.  As you continue to locate other like-minded people, your combined abilities to find either the people with the skills or the resources to help accelerate your plan, increases exponentially.

The challenge before everyone is to get out of fear and self limiting beliefs, expose yourself and your vulnerabilities to other like-minded people, get into the game of life and take action.  Until people take these steps, they may remain trapped in their inability to see clear solutions.

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