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Calendar of Events


November 9th - Trailside Recreation, Park City, Utah USA (Timeline To 2012)


March 8th - Alice Springs, Australia (Timeline To 2012)

March 27th - Atherton Tablelands, Australia (Timeline To 2012)

March 28th - Palm Cove, Cairns, Australia (Timeline To 2012)

March 29th - Cooroy CWA Hall, Sunshine Coast, Australia (Timeline To 2012)

March 30th - Masonic Lodge, Maleny, Australia (Timeline To 2012)

October 11 - Salt Lake City (Preparing For The Future)


More information on October 11 Event
This discussion will include:


  • Facts behind human sustainability on Planet Earth
  • What the Government doesn’t want you to know?
  • How did mankind reach this pivotal point in Human History?
  • What Social and Economic Events are about to unfold?
  • How will these Events affect your Personal Lifestyle?
  • What can you do personally and as groups to prepare?
  • What does it take to create a Sustainable Community?

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